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Friday, February 17, 2012

I'm a criminal and so are you

            Michelle Alexander wrote this article to persuade people to understand criminals on a more non-critical level. She states that everyone is a criminal whether they approve or not. She says you just haven't been caught yet, so it's not fair that we brand each-other. ''Once labeled a felon, you are ushered into a parallel social universe.'', she claims. She then implies that President Obama is a criminal as well. The article states, "I doubt Barack Obama thinks of himself as a criminal, though he should. He has admitted to using illegal drugs during his college years -- lots, in fact."
 I feel as though she is right. We often do brand people as criminals or felons. When we see someone that was or is  a criminal we naturally keep our distance and we do " usher them into a parallel social universe" without even understanding the reason why they have committed the "crime". Maybe they've been framed or maybe they committed the crime for a good reason, like to keep someone safe. We can't always assume all criminals are bad people just because they went to jail.

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