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Monday, May 7, 2012

Afghan Girl Scarred by acid

       In this article by, New York Times writer, Dexter Filkins a group of teenage girls and teachers, including 17 yr. old Shamsia Husseini, attending Mirwais School  for Girls was attacked by 8 men on motorcycles with acid. The girls were scarred all over their faces preventing them from reading or seeing clearly. "They hit 11 girls and 4 teachers; 6 went to the hospital." The acid attack attempted to scare the children as well as the teachers into staying out of school, which failed completely. According to the article, "The attacks appeared to be the work of the Taliban, the fundamentalist movement that is battling the government and the American-led coalition. Banning girls from school was one of the most notorious symbols of the Taliban’s rule before they were ousted from power in November 2001". When the Taliban moved into the Mirwais area posters appeared in local Mosques saying things like, “Don’t Let Your Daughters Go to School”. Exactly who was behind the acid attack is a mystery. "The Taliban denied any part in it".
     I truly think it's a shame what happened to these students and teachers. No one should be harassed like that and especially not for wanting to get an education. I feel as though the men jailed shouldn't be released for their crime. They terrorized innocent children with a deadly 'weapon' (acid)
and it's not acceptable. Also, I think the Taliban had everything to do with the acid attack because these acts came about when they moved into the Mirwais area. All evidence points to the Taliban.

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